Who’s on first?

I’ve come to the realization of what is wrong. Not with me, not with anyone, but what is wrong with the situation.

My grandson had a baseball game on Sunday, he’s a junior now, drafted by a local private high school to pitch for their baseball team during his sophomore year,  played for varsity. I love going to his games. For a few years I promised myself I would make more games, but the business always got in the way. Keeping the business afloat was always in the forefront of my mind. The business supported the family, the business was our livelihood, the business would be our retirement. The business was our demise. It’s where I lost all or any possible hints of respect. Yeah, oh well, right?

So I told my “ex in process”, oh no wait he asked me; “Does Ryan have a game this weekend?” “Yes on Sunday”. His response oh yeah Alexis (Ryan’s mom, my daughter) told me it’s at 2:00.  So I go through Saturday within my normal routines and then on Sunday, I text my soon to be ex, will you be at Ryan’s game, I’ll bring your stadium seat. A seat his ass has graced maybe three times over the last four or so years. I go about my day pondering about the fact that my almost ex’s son has not invited him to thanksgiving dinner, the first time this event has taken place at his home. I am somewhat disturbed by this, it’s  his dad, not my biological son, but my son, not his mothers son, but my son in our way, and certainly my daughters brother. I do feel bad thinking about the fact that the ex in process will be alone. I think back on thanksgiving days gone by. Frankly, we were only the finish line to his bike ride, the destination that had nothing to do with being with us, we were just the end, the stopping point.  But I could not help but feel bad about the fact that his dad was not welcome to thanksgiving dinner. I mean would we not invite a stranger to dinner, why the would we not invite the father of these kids.

So I get a phone call from my, soon to be my ex, “don’t bother lugging out the other chair, I’m heading to San Diego to look at parts for my new tandem bike”. Hello! That sure woke me up! So I’m cured, I mean really you are going to drive three plus hour, each way, to look at bike parts and miss your grandsons first game. F you is what I think; kill your own damn turkey.

So who is this tandom for, who will be on the back of that bike. If you imply one more time that you are so looking forward to Rick being on the back of that bike I will have to put on a turkey suit and prance in front of hunters. I know how much you enjoy riding with Rick, but I also see the posts and she is in every one of them,. So, shut the hell up and go peddle your crap somewhere else. I have a have a baseball game to go see and Thursday, I will give thanks for who I get to watch them with.


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