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Fantastic Cafe – Take out or Pickup Joint?

Fantastic Cafe is a local franchise where you can walk up to the counter order, get your number sit and they’ll bring it to you, or you take out. I never thought about it having pick up,  that is until last week.

On my way in to work I stop in for my no cheese veggie omelet with cottage cheese. I have not been to this particular Cafe because I’ve only been driving this route for about six months.

As I’m walking back to my car carrying my breakfast and coffee, I notice a male employee across the parking lot sweeping up trash. He starts sweeping in my direction. Nice looking kid, twenty something. I’m fumbling for my keys and can hear him talking and realize he’s talking to me, asking me a question; I realize he’s asking me “out”. I start laughing and immediately see in his face I’ve hurt his feelings or maybe it’s his pride.

I snap out of it and like any other “fiddy-something” woman would say, I blurt out ” I’m old enough to be your mother”. That should have been a boner kill, but not this kid. He tells me he likes older women and asks “Would you go out with someone like me?”

I’m not sure what all he has said, but I look him straight in the eyes. Good looking, really pretty good looking, great eyes, wait…..still twenty something, I’m now internally screaming at myself , SNAP OUT OF IT…..my response and emphatic “NO! practically falling over myself to get in my car; smooth.

So next time you run in for take out, you might be in store for a pick up.


Flashback on Addictive Behavior

You know how in a movie theren is a flashback that helps you to put it all together to figure out what’s going on? Can you have a flashback in a blog? I don’t know if you can or not, but I’m giving you one anyway. The history will come, so stay tuned.

I’m in my office, back office of our IT firm, my “husband’s” business, always in the back office, the back seat. Tucked away making it all happen. Yeah it’s a metaphor, the program calls it “enabling”, people that don’t have that excuse call it making a living.

He decides to hire yet another assistant, someone from “The Program”, always the one to help everyone, anyone, everyone…..but “us”.  I don’t like or dislike her, it’s not the point, and she’s not the first one he’s attempted to save; whatever.  But a day comes shortly after she’s hired that she just doesn’t show up for work, a day, another,  a week, two weeks goes by. When she comes back she and my “husband” are standing in my “office/storage room” and I make a comment about how nice it is to have her back, my sarcasm lost on the selfishness of this personality type. Her response is, and I quote “my friend showed up unexpectedly and well you know, she’s fifty and divorced, what could i do?” I just looked at her with a blank stare. In her defense, I think she got that.

So, yeah my husband forgives her for taking off time unapproved and unannounced, just a no show, to spend time with her friend because there is a silent desperation of being “fiddy something” that requires a “friend” to be there for her and certainly my “husband” should be the one to front the cost, emotionally and otherwise of that event. Poor thing, but how wonderful that she has such a great friend to support her.  Really? Who’s emotional and financial pocket is that coming from? WOW!